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Learn how to write for every Subject and type of Performance Test on the CA Bar Exam from Shana Karpeles, California's most trusted Tutor since 2010.

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Simple. It has everything you need to pass the CA Bar exam. Watch the video to learn more and check out our sample approach videos.



“There has never been an Applicant I have met that could not pass the CA Bar Exam. Every single CA Bar Exam Applicant has the potential and capability to pass the exam. What is lacking is a keen understanding of what the Examiners are looking for, approach of how the law is tested and an understanding of an Applicant’s own individual areas that need improvement.”

Shana Karpeles has been tutoring CA Bar Exam Applicants since 2010. To date, she has tutored over 4,500 First-Time, Repeat and Attorney Applicants and has helped hundreds of Bar Exam Takers achieve their dream of passing the CA Bar Exam.

“She began her journey to becoming a bar tutor and attorney in 1999 when she enrolled at the University of Southern California and majored in political science. At the University of Southern California, Ms. Karpeles began tutoring college students on how to write college essays and was awarded the Unruh Scholar Honor after writing a fifty-page essay on the constitutionality of religious symbols on public property.



Learn At Your Own Pace

Learn from anywhere at your own time and pace. We will offer all the support possible to help you pass.

Truly Personalized

Owner and tutor Shana Karpeles responds to Applicants calls and emails within a few hours maximum. Shana genuinely cares about all of her applicants and is there to help guide applicant through any personal or preparation obstacle that may arise.

Consice & Current Material

Our own focused and concise substantive law outlines, flashcards, mnemonics, substantive law support, all essays and performance tests and our own model answers to all written submissions. Over 50 essay approaches on how to write for every possible tested area of the exam.