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1) What is BarApproach.com?

BarApproach.com is an invaluable study guide for help with the Writing Portion of the CA Bar Exam. The lectures and materials were created by Shana Karpeles, Esq. of CA Bar Style, LLC, who has been tutoring and coaching CA Bar Exam Applicants since 2010. Each Subscription comes with over 50 Essay Approaches that walk applicants through how to attack any tested area on the CA Bar Exam Essay Portion. In addition, The Subscription Offers several other different tools for The Writing Portion Preparation including Attack Memorization Outlines, Concise Law Outlines, Flashcards, A Performance Test Approach, and Sample Essays with Sample Answers.

2) Do you have a similar Subscription for the Uniform Bar Exam?

At this time we do not, but we are developing one.

3) What is the best way to use BarApproach.com?

We recommend following the Sample Schedule that comes with your Subscription. There is also a video from Ms. Shana Karpeles that comes with each Subscription of how to best utilize the content.

4) How many Essay Approaches are there in total?

There are approximately 50 Essay Approaches.

5) How long are the Essay Approach Videos?

Essay Approach videos vary in length from 30 minutes to a little over an hour.

6) What are the Miscellaneous Approach Videos?

These are videos that go over other topics to know per subject in addition to the topics covered in the individual approach videos.

7) What is the difference between each subscription?

The contents of each Subscription is exactly the same. The only difference between each Subscription is the amount of time you have access to the content and the pricing of each access period.

8) What materials do the subscriptions come with?

Every Subscription comes with printable Substantive Law Outlines, Attack Memorization Mini-Outlines, Flashcard and Outlines of the Essay Approaches for every subject tested on the CA Bar Exam. We also are providing Sample Real CA Bar Essays and CA Bar Style’s own Model Answers to those essays.

9) If I purchase an Early Access Subscription, will additional material be added closer to my Bar Exam?

Some additional materials will be added closer to each exam, including predicted essay topics, additional issue spotting exercise lectures and more!

10) Are the materials printable?


11) In what format are the materials?


12) What if I also want grading and tutoring of essays and performance tests?

For these services, please visit cabarstyle.com for course information.

13) If I want to renew my subscription will I get a discount?

'Yes, all Subscriptions come with a 50% off Renewal Rate. If you want to renew your Subscription, please email us at cabarstyle.assist@yahoo.com and we will send you a Renewal Discount Code to be applied at checkout.

14) What happens after I buy the Subscription on Shopify? How will I gain access to the Subscription Content?

After you purchase your Subscription, you will receive an email with login credentials to SkyPrep, our host classroom, with directions of how to access your content.

15) I am having technical issues, what do I do?

Our technical support is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If you are having an issue accessing your Subscription, please email us immediately at cabarstyle.assist@yahoo.com and a technical support representative will get back to you within 24 hours or less. If your issue occurs on the weekend, please allow up to 48 hours for a response. We usually get back much sooner.

16) Do you offer a refund?

Once you purchase a Subscription there are no refunds or cancellations.