What is Included?

Every subscription option includes the following content with unlimited access to each during the entire duration of the subscription period.

  • Over 50 Essay Approach Lectures and Approach Outlines on how to write for every tested area on the CA Bar Exam Essay Portion. 
  • All lectures taught by Expert CA Bar Tutor and CA Licensed Attorney Shana Karpeles, Esq.!

Essay Approach titles all included:


Our most popular package for First-Time Takers (from a U.S. Law School) and Repeat Applicants. Get ample personal assessment, grading and coaching with Expert Tutor and Coach Shana Karpeles, Esq. Get up to 4 months of complimentary Early Access to sample scheduling, video approaches and printed materials with enrollment before July 2024 course starts in mid-May!

Your preparation will be broken down as follows for the July 2024 CA Bar Exam:

  • Complimentary Early Access with early enrollment to sample scheduling, video approaches and printed materials up to 4 months in advance to either the February or July General Course. Services officially begin in Mid-May for the July CA Bar Exam and Mid-December for the February CA Bar Exam. The Early Access period for the July 204 CA Bar Exam begins February 5, 2024;
  • Assessment and Strategic Game Plan for Applicant’s individual needs. Working Applicants will be given guidance on balancing study time if applicable. Study and life balance will be taken into consideration "as well as the state of mind of the applicant."
  • Enrollment in Skyprep, CA Bar Style's Online Classroom with one stop access to all lectures, grading submission feedback and online materials;
  • A Daily Course Schedule. Applicant will receive a detailed and very well structured daily schedule of what to study every day from the inception of the program through the First Day of the CA Bar Exam.
  • All Materials provided (printed and online access) including clear and concise black letter law outlines for every tested subject, including CA specific subjects, over 50 essay approaches for the major areas tested on the essay portion of the CA Bar Exam, mnemonic outlines, Performance Test Approach Materials, MBE Approach Materials, practice essays and performance tests, model answers from the CA Bar Examiners and CA Bar Style’s own models as well (online access to models only);
  • Unlimited Essay Approach Access. Applicants will have access to over 40 hours of CA Bar Style’s online lectures on how to write for every possible tested area on the essay portion of the CA Bar Exam. CA Bar Style Approaches are based on the patterns of the last 20 years of the CA Bar Exam. Areas focused on are major and minor issues tested per subject, how to issue spot for every tested area, how to properly analyze the tested issues, when to give a counterargument, when to quickly get out of specific issues, where to spend more time on given tested areas, how to deal with complex cross-over subjects, which areas tend to cross-over, time-management guides, test taking tips and predictions;
  • A Zoom Instructed Performance Test Workshop that provides one of the best step-by-step approaches to the 90-minute Online CA Bar Exam Performance Test on the market today. Applicants learn how to properly answer and organize the given task for either a persuasive or objective performance test;
  • Weekly Zoom Sessions. Head tutor and CA Bar Exam Expert Shana Karpeles will host weekly Zoom Sessions covering Issue Spotting Practice, predictions, time management tips, memorization strategies, MBE Strategy and answering Applicant questions and other topics related to course scheduling and Applicant needs;
  • MBE Tracking and Tutoring. MBE Tracking and Assessment of weak areas combined with strategy for improvement in every categorical area tested. Ms.Karpeles will track your MBE progress with the CA Bar Style MBE Tracking Methodology, provide a personalized game plan for carrying out your MBE practice and provide tutoring and structure. on how to improve in areas of reading comprehension, substantive law clarity and timing. Applicants will need to separately enroll in The Adaptibar Program that provides the best source of questions to compliment CA Bar Style's MBE Tutoring Program
  • Grading of 20 essays, complete with ample feedback, line-by-line grading and guidance on how to organize and pass a CA Bar Exam passing essay (Our graders spend approximately 30-45 minutes grading one essay!);
  • Grading of 3 performance tests, complete with ample feedback of your use of the file and library, ability to follow the approach and task memorandum and properly analyze the relevant facts and law in the correct tone within the allotted time-frame;
  • Personal Tutoring. Two 35 minute personal tutoring sessions whereby CA Bar Exam Expert Shana Karpeles will evaluate Applicant’s written graded submissions and MBE work, will point out where overall the applicant’s main weaknesses are and how to improve them. Tutoring sessions can be done In-Person (at our Sherman Oaks office) or via Zoom, Facetime or phone conference. MBE assessment and tracking is provided as well. NOTE: The Average Applicant only needs 1-2 personal assessments with Ms. Karpeles. If more are needed, they can be purchased ala carte, but the majority of our Applicants do not need additional assessment;
  • Simulated Exam. A two-day Online Proctored Simulated Bar Exam with one writing day (5 essays and one performance test) and one 200 MBE question day;
  • Effective Coaching. Guidance and coaching by Shana Karpeles with any questions or issues Applicant may have regarding work/preparation balance and scheduling issues.


$6,000 (Pay in full or use our new 'Shop Pay' option and you may qualify to make up to 12 monthly installments payments)