Shana's Story

Shoshana Karpeles, Founder of CA Bar Style & Expert CA Bar Exam Tutor

"There has never been an Applicant I have met that could not pass the CA Bar Exam.  Every single CA Bar Exam Applicant has the potential and capability to pass the exam.  What is lacking is a keen understanding of what the Examiners are looking for, approach of how the law is tested and an understanding of an Applicant's own individual areas that need improvement."

Shana Karpeles has been tutoring CA Bar Exam Applicants since 2010.  To date, she has tutored over 1,100 First-Time, Repeat and Attorney Applicants and has helped hundreds of Bar Exam Takers achieve their dream of passing the CA Bar Exam. She began her journey to becoming a bar tutor and attorney in 1999 when she enrolled at the University of Southern California and majored in political science. At the University of Southern California, Ms. Karpeles began tutoring college students on how to write college essays and was awarded the Unruh Scholar Honor after writing a fifty-page essay on the constitutionality of religious symbols on public property.

After graduating from college, Ms. Karpeles moved to New York City to pursue a law career and worked in the prestigious law firm of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe as a legal assistant in the hedge fund department. Ms. Karpeles continued to teach college level students how to write and even considered a career in teaching. However, the call of the courtroom was too great and she headed to law school. During law school, Ms. Karpeles participated in moot court and won several academic accolades for her appellate brief and oral argument.

Ms. Karpeles passed the CA Bar Exam on her first attempt after researching and preparing for the exam for several months as she also had a six month old at the same time!  It was while Ms. Karpeles was waiting for her bar results that she realized she could help students pass the CA Bar Exam. Ms. Karpeles saw a need for tutors that actually taught students how to approach all three areas of the exam instead of the cookie-cutter corporate type courses she saw not working for so many applicants. Thus, she developed essay approaches on the major areas of each subject and began to rigorously interview past bar graders in order to unlock the secrets to passing the exam. What Ms. Karpeles found was the most repeat and first-time bar takers have a very good grasp on the law, but are lacking in their application and organization of the law and facts in their essays and performance tests. Thus, Ms. Karpeles continued to develop CA Bar Style, and with her hard work, passion and dedication, devotes most of her days to teaching and tutoring CA Bar Exam Applicants. 

Ms. Karpeles also takes a few new cases per year in the areas of employment and civil rights litigation. She also hosts motivational lectures and is in the middle of writing her first book about relationships and communication.

Shana has an extreme passion for teaching students the ins and outs of CA Bar Preparation and is always available for any needs her students may have.

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